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4 Books Under £10 That Keep It Real

September 1, 2019

Reading has always been the constant in my life that allows me to explore privately the worlds and minds of others. Whether that is fiction, non-fiction, poetry or illustrative comics; it’s something other than my thoughts. It’s an escape…and it is an endless stream of discovery, page after page. What speaks to me the most, […]

Stop ‘The Arts’ Stigma For Mental Health

Stop ‘The Arts’ Stigma For Mental Health

August 4, 2019

We need to re-evaluate how we can bring ‘the arts’ into every subject, and every part of our lives. This is why we need to stop ‘The Arts’ Stigma for mental health.

‘KimmyKeepReal’ The Blog, Is Back!

‘KimmyKeepReal’ The Blog, Is Back!

July 30, 2019

It’s been a minute, huh? I took a break for a long time with writing/blogging on the ‘kimmykeepreal’ platform about mental health. Now, I hope it can provide a place of support, comfort and an open door into my tiny world. Not just in my personal stories, but through the work I do in the […]


The best. Very reliable and kind. Continue to keep real!

Navelle – Event Attendee & Customer

I attended a workshop that Kimberley held on Self Awareness at SheFest Sheffield. The workshop was very interesting and helpful and Kimberley is so friendly and approachable!

Danielle – Workshop Attendee

I’ve been good friends with Kim since University and it’s amazing to see how her passion for supporting mental health and small business idea has absolutely flourished into what Keep Real is today. Hearing about the talks, workshops and events that Keep Real are involved in is so inspiring and also very accessible which is super important!

Sara – Event Attendee & Friend

Kimberley did a sterling job hosting the Young People, Arts and Mental Health Conference 2019, keeping the energy level in the room high right to the end!

Steve – Leeds Cultural Institute

To know that someone wants to make a difference in the UK and around the world is so inspiring!

Natasha – Keep Real Customer

Kimberley came to speak at one of our NIPS Mental Health & Children seminars at Leeds City Museum. She was chatty, confident and passionate about mental health in Yorkshire. She was great with the audience and sharing her story- really glad she was involved!

Lauren – NIPS Founder

Working with Kimberley and Keep Real was a pleasure. The event they provided for our students tackled stress management through creative techniques and gave students some practical approaches they can easily embed in everyday life. I would thoroughly recommend Kimberley, she provides fantastic content in a human and engaging way.

Terri – University of Leeds