Interview and the Art of Wandering Aimlessly

On Monday, I travelled to my home city of Sheffield for a wonderful interview by an independents focused magazite/website called Sheffield Unchained‘. I met up with a lovely lady called Tricia at the Blue Moon Cafe, which is opposite the cathedral in the centre of town (they do fantastic vegetarian and vegan food- click here to check them out!).

By talking about Keep Real and the aims I have with it, it really opened my eyes to what I really want to do. So if you’d like, you can check out the interview which has been published today! It is featured on their front page, so I am extremely humbled and proud about it! So have a look at Keep Real – The Interview. woo!!

After the interview, I got the chance to look around the recent Exhibitions over at the Millennium Gallery and the Ruskin Collection. I’ve been dying to take a real look, as it feels like I never get the chance to when I visit Sheffield. Ruskin is actually quite an inspiration for me with his ‘connection between nature and art’. I actually have a really old hardback book of Ruskin’s titled ‘Sesame and Lilies and Unto This Last’. So it was really beautiful to take my time looking around the exhibition.

I then ventured through town (having stopped off at Sheffield’s German Christmas Market for a huge lamb and mint burger), to see my Auntie’s Art Studio. However, I nearly forgot the way and just wandered around aimlessly until this wonderful chap called Nathan- who I learned to be studying Computing something-or-other at the University of- showed me the way, having noticed I looked utterly lost. Had a fleeting conversation with him before we parted ways through the city. Wherever you are Nathan- thank you for being cool!

Finally I met up with my Auntie Bekah, which is always insanely badass. I see her as my big sister, so we always have a good natter. Her art studio is so beautiful too, two rooms of just craft goodness- and a loom!

Anyway, after my long day I just felt truly blessed. Sometimes, you need to hear someone else’s views of what you’re doing to truly understand what your aims are. Plus, wandering around my home city felt so natural. Being in my own company used to be so daunting- but I now feel I can hold my head high and do whatever I set my mind to. IMG_20141201_115908 IMG_20141201_120113 IMG_20141202_201628 IMG_20141202_205011

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  1. they’ve brought the coca-cola truck to torquay from yorkshire few days ago, me and my children wasn’t there we don’t live there that’s Torbay, we are living in the south hams devon, you’re aunt has a loom rofl, my children have one for loom bands the new craze sweeping the uk throughout 2014, nice going back to your hometown if only to see what they changed or to revist those memories, my childhood ones over in doncaster are happy ones although with all this abuse allegations coming up then it would have all believe we yorkshire are abused since childhood, to such an extenct that we today single mums for like long term, nahhh we got the magical childhood memories thats what makes us those yorkshire kids growing up in our world, great you set up your own business whats it in? my plans are to do like your auntie once i’m a ex mum like in 8 years time take all this art stuff i learnt since i left school back in 1992 online and off and do something in realworld with it all, till then its back to long term single mum of them kids growing up in dartmouth, devon


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