Achieving Your Goals – 3 Steps to Keepin’ It Real!

You have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to, and it’s all within the way you think. It truly is dear reader. As the ol’ saying goes ‘If you have negative thoughts, you will never lead a positive life’. Basically, the only person stopping you from obtaining your goals is yourself. Easier said than done, right? Right. So here’s 3 key things I think will help to gain more confidence- and a starter to achieving your goals!tumblr_n19fdy3b4B1t30pdvo3_500

1) Your walk can change everything.

Weird, I know. But I feel this is a great step to start with- as easy it may be! When I had quite bad anxiety through my college years, I noticed that I held myself in a way that looked…well, shy. I’d walk, but look down at the pavement, my back would be slouched. I honestly thought that was the way I walked, but it all came down to confidence.

Next time you’re walking somewhere, down the street or to your car- think about how you walk. Are your shoulders back? Do you look forward when you walk, or do you look down at your feet? Are you comfortable when you’re walking?
Something as simple at that, is quite a good indicator on how confident you feel about yourself. Walk at the pace you want, relax those shoulders and hold your head high! You’re amazing, so let’s show everyone how amazing you can be!

2) Make a list! 

Something I’ve found helpful in obtaining my goals is to ask the miracle question. Well, what is the miracle question? As a counselling student, I use this sometimes with clients – but it can be really helpful for yourself too. Ask yourself, ‘What is my perfect situation? If I could be anything/ do anything in 5 years time, where would I want to be?’. Asking questions like these, can make you realise what your goals truly are. So go on, make a list and answer your own miracle questions!

3) Small steps = big milestones!

Do not rush into achieving whatever you set your mind to. If they’re little personal goals- then you can do them whenever you want! But if its say, moving house or changing a job..or like me, that you’re wanting to start your own business- then take it easy. ‘Nothing of worth should ever be rushed’. Take your time with it. It’s exciting and perhaps a little daunting to have your goal(s), but once you make little check-lists or first baby steps- it will soon turn into huge milestones. So you’ll be well on your way to what you want to achieve!

Hope these three things are good to you and help you along the way in whichever way, shape or form. Take your time, and be kind to yourself. No one is saying you have to achieve your goals in a certain time. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It’s all in your hands- you’re the leader of your own life! ❤

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