Mental Health Attitudes Are Improving!

Slowly but surely attitudes are changing for the better. Time to Change launched it’s findings from the National Attitudes to Mental Illness survey. The survey shows that people are becoming more understanding of people with mental health issues. Nine inTTC RGB ten people (91%) agreed that we need to have a more tolerant attitude towards people with mental health problems in society, and 78% agreed that people with mental health problems have for too long been the subject of ridicule.

This is absolutely fantastic, a step forward in mental health! However, there is room for improvement, especially in the workplace concerning the stigma and discrimination of employees. Although 40% of people said they would be comfortable talking to their employer about their mental health problems, nearly half (48%) said they would feel uncomfortable.

Even though there is still a long way to go, 2.5 million people’s attitudes have changed. Change is happening!

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