Hey, October!

Hello my lovely followers/ readers/ October lovers! It’s a brand new month, and it’s the time of year for bonfires, scary costumes and the falling of leaves. What have you got planned? I’m gonna do a lil’ bit of reflecting for my month in September, as I didn’t blog as much I wanted to! So let’s see what went on, before we start another month!wpid-img_20151001_105255.jpg

To end September, my wonderful donations were sent off to the Golddigger Trust based in Sheffield. I was thrilled to have received an email saying how they liked what I was doing with Keep Real, and wondered if I could donate anything for their gift boxes! The Golddigger Trust works with young people concerning issues in self esteem etc. It is a wonderful organisation, and I was more than happy to send over a lovely package of goodies. Working with trusts/charities and good causes is a huge part of what I want to do, and what Keep Real will try and help raise awareness for ❤  I was also asked by the lovely folk at Rethink Mental Illness if I would be happy to be interviewed by a radio station down in London to discuss mental health at University. Sadly, I was doing at work- so couldn’t participate! However, I am sure there will be more opportunities around the corner. Who knows what October will bring huh!

I cannot wait to see what October brings, as I feel very determined to see where my business Keep Real will go (you can follow the twitter page here) and what the new collection will look like (amazing, of course!). In October, I will bring you more mental wellness posts and Keep Real shenanigans! Thank you for over 3.8k views so far this year on kimmykeepreal.com, as well as over 100 wordpress followers and a ridiculous amount of folk signed up via email. You keep me going, and for that I am eternally grateful! Sending you so much goodness for your October ahead!

Much love, and as always – keep real! ❤

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