Mental Health is NOT a Fashion Statement

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I’ve been doing a bit of research recently concerning mental health, and what really got me thinking- is how fashion influences people. We wear pieces that speak to us, they are part of our identity, and make us feel real good.

I see up and coming clothing brands that are quirky, use cool slogans, and rad typography to create powerful images- however, sometimes these brands go too far.

*Please Note* – if you feel this article angers you at all, makes you feel uncomfortable or triggers anything for you, please feel free to scroll through some more positive posts here on such as Tips & Tricks to Staying Well , or maybe try out a mental wellness app I recommended here. Take care of yourself. There are helplines out there to listen to you too. Such as Rethink and there are helplines listed here on Young Minds.  ❤

I came across a brand called ‘Burger and Friends’ which (to quote their Instagram) are ‘Sardonic shirtsmiths with a new cache of hi-larious wearables’. Looking through their collection of shirts, crops and tees, it looks good man! I can’t argue with some of their clothing, as some make me laugh and speak to a younger generation. But. One shirt, really made me upset. In all honesty, it angered me. A white shirt printed with ‘I put the ‘hot’ in psychotic’ with a lady holding up two skulls to her eyes struck me as a terrible form of hilarity (find the shirt here on their website) You can look at this saying in two ways, however mental health is not a fashion statement. It is never acceptable to portray any form of health problem in fashion.

From the blunders of Halloween, when a terrible costume called ‘Anna-rexia’ was highlighted as an outfit (Find Cosmopolitan’s article about it here), to Urban Outfitters ‘eat less’ shirt that was once available (see Urban Outfitters 14 fashion controversies here), it truly saddens me that some folk are still making garments that use mental health in this way. This is NOT a ‘hi-larious wearable’. It is not teaching the younger generation the importance of mental health awareness, or giving them the correct information on the various mental health problems people face.

What do you think about this?

p.s if this has triggered anything for you at all, please do look after yourself. There are helplines out there right now if you’d like to talk, which I have listed above.

Thanks for your time folks, sending all my love to you- and keep real! x




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  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from, the slogans are heartbreaking. Companies and brands should use their presence to try and help matters not encourage them.


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