March Mental Health Essentials

Holy moly, we’re into another month already! I always feel like this time of year goes so so quickly. What better way to start another month off, by doing a lil’ list of essentials I think will help your month ahead! Take care of yourself you, and as always – keep real! ❤

  • Reflect– With another month beginning, it can be extremely beneficial to take a moment, and reflect on the month before. What have you done that’s real cool? Anything that you have learned, or some event that you were like ‘oh yeah, that was a fun day!’. Even if it’s the little things, reflect on the good stuff. img_20160301_175441.jpg
  • Plan ahead– What have you got in store for March? Personally, I love seeing what’s on my calendar, if there are any goals I want to achieve within a specific time frame. Whether that’s wanting to meet a deadline for some work, organising a get together with friends, or to simply read that book that’s been accumulating dust on your bookshelf. Little plans can give you structure for your month, and it feels real good to know some lovely things ahead!
  • Be kind to yourself – I know that when we’re working, or when we’re running around trying to get everything done- we get real stressed and tend to be quite hard on ourselves. Slow it down, and take some deep breaths. Allow yourself to have breaks, and make time for you and you alone. As Buddha says ‘there is no pain like disharmony’, we have to take care of ourselves and live in harmony with our minds. We live most of our lives inside our own heads, so let’s make sure they’re nice places to be. How about trying a Mindfulness Journal?
  • Allow yourself to feel – This goes with being kind to yourself. Are you having a good day? A bad day? An everything is not going right kinda day? It’s ok. Allow yourself to have these feelings and moments. It can be frustrating I know, but when we accept ourselves it actually makes us feel better. Let yourself be bummed out, don’t struggle against your sadness or stress. Sit with it. Being human is a complicated mush of emotion, and we even get upset and not really know why. But it’s gonna be ok. Days do get better, having a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life ❤ take time out and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel ❤

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