Hi, I’m kimmykeepreal: Let’s Start Fresh

We’re in the year of 2018, so it’s time for a fresh introduction. Not so much a brand new beginning- a rebirth, if you will.


I started this blog, ‘kimmykeepreal’ some years ago now *cough cough, 2012* and it became a wonderful tool through my University years of BSc (Hons) Counselling Studies and mid way between finding a job, to share my thoughts surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

A lot has changed since then; the rapid flow of life, an evolution of decisions and challenges just seemed to happen…and happen fast.

I’m 23, living near Manchester and slowly building my own social enterprise Keep Real as well as working in Leeds. To put it bluntly, I want to change how we interact with mental health. The access to services is still seen as a reach too far for many (myself included), and I want to bring Keep Real into society as an early intervention. Not only a cool name, its a lifestyle of literally ‘keeping it real’. Let’s start the conversations, let us flip how we see wellbeing and start benefiting the rising percentage of the 16-24 age group struggling with mental health issues.

I miss blogging (and vlogging) from discussing the impact of social media with a lot of folk, I decided to take a break. Not necessarily a drop off, but a slow deterioration of posts and interactions. I focused on myself because I knew, from around September of last year- that I wasn’t feeling myself.

It started with an unsettling feeling of being overwhelmed; moving out, transition of jobs, Christmas, starting a small business etc. It was slow at first, and put the blame onto the contraceptive pill I was taking. So that stopped, and again it was a slow transition to being au natural as I’d taken all sorts of things that hadn’t agreed with my body for years. With a lot of situational factors to take into account, my body and mind wasn’t up to the challenge. I was losing interest in a lot of what activities I loved, I didn’t have the motivation anymore and I was crying on and off at work and home. I just didn’t know where I was anymore.

kim walking

Fast forward a few weeks into January, 2018. The natural rebirth of the year. A rebirth I felt was needed. The sharing of a story so like the 1 in 4 (or 4 in 4) who struggle every day. It’s a time of growing, loving and of course…challenges. 

So here we are. Feeling good, feeling ok. I’m here with you every step of the way to give you a lil keep real love and support.

Are you ready? I think, finally- I am.

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