4 Books Under £10 That Keep It Real

Reading has always been the constant in my life that allows me to explore privately the worlds and minds of others. Whether that is fiction, non-fiction, poetry or illustrative comics; it’s something other than my thoughts. It’s an escape…and it is an endless stream of discovery, page after page.

What speaks to me the most, is the depths and intricate patterns of highly celebrated lives. One of the largest influences on me in particular, is Patti Smith. I could read her memoir, and ode to her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe ‘Just Kids’ ten times over. In fact, it’s the most read book on my shelf.

I want to share with you my favourites, in the hope that they will inspire and uplift you in whatever journey you are going through.

  1. Patti Smith – Just Kids: A true tale of survival, friendship, art, music and love. Patti Smith is not only a celebrated artist, poet and musician, but a true rebel that delved into the creative New York scene from an extremely young age. This book leaves me feeling inspired to create and perservere, every single time I read it. I cannot recommend enough for any creative out there searching for inspiration. (Purchase here)
  2. Cash – The Autobiography of Johnny Cash: The life and music of the one and only. From his roots in Tennessee, to his ongoing battle with addiction and love for folk music. It’s a tender memoir from the Man in Black. Another book I have lost count in how many times I have read, but one that breaks down the barriers of mental struggle and how to overcome. (Purchase here)
  3. DO/PURPOSE – David Hiatt: A quick, engaging read by Hiatt Denim Founder, that flicks through page by page inspiration of having ‘purpose’. This is one aimed at all my fellow entrepreneurs and ‘why brand with a purpose do better and matter more.’ My favourite quote from the Do Series is “Do one thing well, it’s enough.” (Purchase here)
  4. Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker: This book puts everything you thought you knew about improving your wellbeing, and flips it over to be as simple as possible: Sleep 8 hours a night. Sleep scientist Matthew Walker puts myths and reason into perspective into why sleep is so vital to our mental health, productivity, physical health and more. The use of an analogy in this book is absolutely brilliant! Thank you Dr Walker for making sleep science easier to understand! (Purchase here)