Who’s that girl? An Introduction to kimmykeepreal

Hey sweet and wonderful folk! I hope you’re enjoying the week so far, and keeping all wrapped up for the cold weather!

Who’s that girl, huh? Looking at the most viewed posts here on kimmykeepreal.com, quite a lot of you want to know more about me personally, and about my business Keep Real (which is so flippin lovely to see you interested!). I discuss a heck of a lot concerning mental wellness, but never realllyyy about the brain/blonde behind the scenes.

So the first question really is…who is kimmykeepreal? What the heck does she do? I’ll try and tell you… If I can.

Well, firstly I’m a counselling therapy graduate currently starting my own small business ‘Keep Real’ based in Yorkshire, England. Keep Real is an upcoming clothing and goods brand dedicated12445973_944267862289161_907345107_n to creating sweet threads and accessories to inspire wellness, make people feel real good inside and out with a ‘keepin’ it real’ ethos. It’s quite a large part of my life, and I’m determined to make it into the movement it deserves to be! Also, I’m a freelance artist/illustrator. Although I design for my business, I design or collaborate with other businesses and creatives too. With all the arty farty rad things going on- I’m also an activist for mental health. I’m currently writing up a presentation to give to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust discussing the impact of depression in young people. My public speaking game has gotta be strong!


I’m a sucker wpid-img_20150923_165211.jpgfor collecting records, hardbacks and Wonder Woman comics. My choice of music can be a little obscure compared to other tastes; so bands like Turnover, Brand New, Basement and Seahaven. You’ll find most of the bands I listen to are on labels such as Run For Cover, Deathwish and TopShelf Records. Back in the teenage years, I was a huuuggeee Paramore fan and continue to support them (I hear they’re working on a new record as we speak- so rad!). Can’t deny that Bieber is dropping some serious beats lately, so you may catch me listening to him or The Weeknd. Depends on my mood. I want to thank working in a music and film store for 3 years for my wild and wonderful tastes in music!

I have a habit for writing…a lot. I think I have about 5 notebooks on the go, one for scribbling, one for ideas, one as a diary, and a couple for business notes. It helps me process what’s going in my head. Sometimes I feel a little lost if I don’t write down how I feel, or don’t write about my week. When I struggled with anxiety a couple of years ago now, writing was extremely cathartic. When I was over-thinking, or my head was in a strange mess, writing was quite the saviour. There’s something about seeing your thoughts written down in your own hand. You can make more sense of it, and how you truly feel. Or maybe I just write a lot. It’s a system that works, and that’s just fine with me!

You’ll also note that my Instagram is mostly filled with outfit choices, things that interest/inspire me, my artwork and other sweet little gems I come across. The odd selfie or two, but I tend not to post many at all!

I hope this little snippet feeds your need to know a lil’ more. Check back tomorrow for some sweet little pick me ups ❤

Sending all my good thoughts to you, and as always – keep real! ❤



Vote for my blog at the UK Blog Awards 2016!

Hey folks!

I should have posted this at the beginning of January when voting began (Silly Kimmy!)- however, better late than never!

I have been entered into the Health and Social Care category, and you can vote once a day up until the 25th Janaury via this link here! How cool!

Thank you to those who have already voted via my other social platforms. It means so much, and it would be lovely to get my mental health blog out there a bit more.

I have some cool interviews and posts coming up this week, so keep your wonderful eyes peeled!

Sending all my ❤ to you, and as always – keep real! x

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Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve been nominated for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’! How rad! Thank you so much to Gentle Kindness, please give her blog a follow. It’s a lovely thing to think I’ve impacted the blogosphere somehow!bloggerrecognitionaward

Here are my 5 nominations for the award! Go give these folk some love ❤ The rules: Nominate 5 other people (put a link to their blog!) and write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story about how you started blogging/ or two pieces of advice for other bloggers

Honestly Positive Lifestyle – Chanelle HayleyThe Girl in Glasses – Confetti and CurvesGertie’s Journey

These lovely people definitely deserve the blogger recognition award, they post some amazing things, and I always look forward to reading their content!!

My two pieces of advice for bloggers is to write whatever you wish- a blog is for you (and hopefully for others to enjoy aswell!), write about something that you are passionate about, it really shows! My other piece of advice is to use really good photos in your posts, make it look engaging!

Much love all of y’all! x