March Mental Health Essentials

Holy moly, we’re into another month already! I always feel like this time of year goes so so quickly. What better way to start another month off, by doing a lil’ list of essentials I think will help your month ahead! Take care of yourself you, and as always – keep real! ❤

  • Reflect– With another month beginning, it can be extremely beneficial to take a moment, and reflect on the month before. What have you done that’s real cool? Anything that you have learned, or some event that you were like ‘oh yeah, that was a fun day!’. Even if it’s the little things, reflect on the good stuff. img_20160301_175441.jpg
  • Plan ahead– What have you got in store for March? Personally, I love seeing what’s on my calendar, if there are any goals I want to achieve within a specific time frame. Whether that’s wanting to meet a deadline for some work, organising a get together with friends, or to simply read that book that’s been accumulating dust on your bookshelf. Little plans can give you structure for your month, and it feels real good to know some lovely things ahead!
  • Be kind to yourself – I know that when we’re working, or when we’re running around trying to get everything done- we get real stressed and tend to be quite hard on ourselves. Slow it down, and take some deep breaths. Allow yourself to have breaks, and make time for you and you alone. As Buddha says ‘there is no pain like disharmony’, we have to take care of ourselves and live in harmony with our minds. We live most of our lives inside our own heads, so let’s make sure they’re nice places to be. How about trying a Mindfulness Journal?
  • Allow yourself to feel – This goes with being kind to yourself. Are you having a good day? A bad day? An everything is not going right kinda day? It’s ok. Allow yourself to have these feelings and moments. It can be frustrating I know, but when we accept ourselves it actually makes us feel better. Let yourself be bummed out, don’t struggle against your sadness or stress. Sit with it. Being human is a complicated mush of emotion, and we even get upset and not really know why. But it’s gonna be ok. Days do get better, having a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life ❤ take time out and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel ❤

Free Apps For Controlling Your Social Media Use

I love my phone and the possession of information at my finger tips. Don’t we allllll! I hear you say. Well, I think it’s about time I started truly seeing what I was using my phone for, and if I really am using it in a healthy way. I did a little experiment this week, and came across some of the best free apps in controlling your social media usage. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’re on your phone after these! I feel so much better using these apps for my advantage. Check these two out to give a go. Be kind to yourselves folks ❤img_20160207_120520.jpg

Quality Time – This app helps you discover your habits on your phone, how long you spend screen time per day, as well as how many times you unlock your phone too. I gotta say this is incredibly useful. One day, I had over 153 screen unlocks. That’s a scary amount! Throughout the day, I thought I’d done pretty well, considering I was busy all day. However, I noticed that because my phone is on silent, I tend to check my phone a fair bit. See for yourself folks, realising how much time you spend checking- is taking away time for more cool stuff!!

Forest (Free here on Android) – This is actual so soooo cool. Forest is an app for staying focused and present. The more time you spend off your phone, the more your virtual forest grows! Whenever you want to concentrate, you can plant a seed in Forest. In the next 30 minutes, this small seed will gradually grow into a big tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your little cute tree will wither away. And nobody wants a dying forest! I love it. Give it a go, and test your smartphone resistance!

Autumn Song Essentials

wpid-img_20150914_141043.jpgHello my wonderful followers. How are you today? I hope you’re feeling that monday motivation! If not, sit back and take a peek at this post. Even though I’m not feeling well, (the cold weather has given me a serious case of sluggishness, sneezing, tiredness and the sniffles!) today I am talking about Autumn Song Essentials. I bought the soundtrack to Flashdance on vinyl recently, which get’s me feeling fab! *dances round signing ‘maniac’ and ‘what a feeling’*. Having a few feel good tracks really does make your day turn into a great one.

I am loving this time of year. My music taste really does fluctuate with the seasons, but I thought to share some of my favourite mellow or fun tracks for September. So here goes! Please do check them out if you have not already. The tracks have links so you can listen, and the album is in the brackets! Enjoy!

  1. Michael Sembello – She’s a Maniac (Flashdance Soundtrack)wpid-img_20150914_091741.jpg
  2. Seahaven – Love to Burn (Reverie Lagoon)
  3. Turnover – Dizzy on the Comedown (Peripheral Vision)
  4. Wolf Alice – Giant Peach (My Love is Cool)
  5. Meat Loaf – Hot Patootie Bless My Soul (Rocky Horror Soundtrack)
  6. Patti Smith – Because The Night (Easter)
  7. Now, Now – Wolf (Threads)
  8. Daughter – Youth (If You Leave)
  9. Tigers Jaw – Chemicals (Tigers Jaw)
  10. Title Fight – Your Pain is Mine Now (Hyperview)

August Wellness Essentials

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are well? I thought I’d share with you some of my August Essentials for day towpid-img_20150730_155110.jpg day life and some upcoming lifestyle & mental health tips ❤ I have done mental wellness book reviews (see the post ‘Read Happy’ here!) but I wanted to add on to what keeps me going- so it can keep you moving forward too!

A great magazine (as well as a website) is Psychologies. It’s a monthly issue and is perfect for a little read about home and lifestyle focusing on your AUG COVER72dpi rgb no barcodewell-being. Also, it has fun mini quizzes you can do; such as ‘Are you ready to change?’ and ‘Are you assertive?’. Taylor Swift is actually on the front cover of the latest issue, which I will definitely be purchasing! A neat thing about the magazine, is that it fits perfectly in your bag. I personally subscribe to Elle and for the life of me cannot carry that chunky fashion mag anywhere! But Psychologies is handy, and has useful tips and stories in motivation and mental health. So my first August essential is to keep up to date with mental health as a whole and my own well-being!

Also, it’s a brand new month- so why not change your room around a little bit? You don’t have to go full on feng shui, but de-cluttering some of your room may bring some wonderful benefits. A clean space for a clean mind, right? Maybe you could add a plant to the area and bring some life and light into your space! For me, my room has changed around a lot recently, but clearing a space to work always leaves me feeling a sense of calm. So why not give it a go!

The amount of times where I’ve needed to write things down throughout my day, is becoming quite a recurrent event. So for August, I have a new mini A6 moleskine notebook from Paperchase that is perfect for on the go. I write everything down in it, from dates to remember to work schedules and Keep Real ideas. It’s important to feel up to date with what I’m doing, even if it’s just to write down a thought or two. If you ever get the feeling of being in a bit of a muddle… write it down.moleskine-notebook-570x360 I cannot stress this enough as one of my essentials. If I didn’t write down my thoughts or upcoming events, I’d feel all mushy and out of sync. So go get yourself a little notebook or pad to write all your cool ideas and thoughts down! You’ll be surprised at how organised you feel.

Anyway, I hope these little essentials will give you some ideas for August! Happy Reading everyone ❤