Love yo’self

It’s either soppy couples or a Bridget Jones style of day, am I right? Well, kind of. The problem is with this type of day- we compare and in a way, tend to neglect ourselves if we do not have a significant other. We also tend to get real upset too, if there’s someone on your timeline who’s been proposed to, or being treated with so much love (that sometimes makes us cringe). We ask, why isn’t something like that happening to me? Why do I not have someone like that? I’m just sat here with my own Netflix and chill!

Notice what you’re doing. You’re sitting there ruminating over people that are, quite frankly, loved up. A day to celebrate that is wonderful you guys! Love is something we all deserve folks, whether we have someone to share today with or not. You flippin rule! Whether you are in a romantic relationship, single, not bothered, whatever; feeling real good about yourself, and accepting yourself is much a part of Valentines day, than all the rest of it.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserves your love and affection ❤