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Whatever your enquiry, question or comment- it is much appreciated!

I attended a workshop that Kimberley held on Self Awareness at SheFest Sheffield. The workshop was very interesting and helpful and Kimberley is so friendly and approachable!

Danielle, Workshop Attendee

Kimberley came to speak at one of the N.I.P.S Mental Health and Children seminars, which ran at Leeds City Museum in Oct 2018. She was chatty, confident and passionate about mental health in Yorkshire. She was great with the audience and sharing her story – really glad she was involved.

Lauren – N.I.P.S Founder

Working with Kimberley and Keep Real was a pleasure. The event they provided for our students tackled stress management through creative techniques and gave students some practical approaches they can easily embed in everyday life. I would thoroughly recommend Kimberley, she providse fantastic content in a human and engaging way.”

Terri – University of Leeds

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