Rad Lessons Learned (so far)

Hello lovely followers, hope you are well! I thought I’d do a cool little post on reflections and (if I can) give you insight into some advice or lessons I have learned over the course of my experiences. I can pinpoint every single lesson and whatwpid-img_20150720_122637.jpg each meant to me at the time. I’d go far as to say the lessons I have learned are pivotal in the experiences I have now!

  1. Trust your gut. Now this one for me is ridiculously accurate. My mum actually told me this many years ago, and she could not have been more right. No matter the situation, whether it be a break up or choosing to go for something you’re not sure about- the gut is the key. Bit weird, I know. But if something doesn’t feel right, that gut of yours knows what’s best for you! Your gut instinct is intuition, the innate wisdom we all possess. Your body is telling you something, so go with it!
  2. Go with the flow. When I had trouble with anxiety I found it so hard to live in the moment. It was hard to focus on the present, when I was so busy worrying about the future. But now the present is all I focus on. It’s so important to be accepting of past experiences to make way for the your experiences right here, right now. Don’t hold those grudges, accept what is and I’m pretty sure your future will go in the path it’s supposed to. Go with the flow of each day ❤
  3. Think good things & good things will come back to you. This lesson I’ve learned through my years of University. This principle is also in effect of being kind and kind things will be returned. Whatever you put out into the world, will come back to you in abundance. I’ve had such a good year all because of my attitude towards it. I’ve had opportunities I never thought I’d have, but it’s all about how you view the world and be within it. Don’t be a dingbat and hate the world, you’re capable of such amazing things! So show the world that you are and look what will be returned.
  4. If you do not ask, you shall not receive. The opportunities I have had with design, my academic work and all my other endeavours is all down to just going for it. If I hadn’t have thought to email To Write Love On Her Arms about what I want to do with Keep Real- would I have ever dreamed of the reply I got? No. They said ‘We are very inspired that you want to help people because you know how hard it is to ask for help. We love your heart and your enthusiasm for mental health and we want to commend you for starting your own business, Keep Real.’ I’m glad I just thought to email them. Yeah, sometimes you won’t get replies or responses you want from asking, but the whole point is to just go for it (or as Shia LeBeouf tells us to JUST DO IT).
  5. Believe in yourself. The last lesson I think is highly important. It ties in with quite a few of my lessons learned. But holy moly is this one crucial! If I didn’t believe in myself, I would not have started Keep Real, gone to University, applied for the jobs I now have or designed for the people I have. Be confident in your abilities! Noticing your weaknesses are your strengths! Check out my post of my favourite quotes here for a bit of posi inspo. If ya start believin’, you’ll start achievin’.

Do you have any lessons you have learned over the years that have stuck with you? I’d love to hear your comments! ❤

Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #7

Helloooo lovely people! Sorry for the lack of posts- but it was my 21st birthday yesterday (woo!). So I’ve been out celebrating the last few days and spending time with the family. Very blessed to say the least ❤ wpid-img_20150711_092915.jpg

So apart from that what have I been up to!? I submitted a piece for Time To Change as a ‘StoryShort’ which is a little post about my experiences with mental health. My little post may be up at the tail end of Summer, so I’ll keep you posted on that! I think it’s important to share such things, as even an experience like mine could help someone feel not so alone. Anxiety used to be quite a big part of my life in college, but now I feel more confident than ever. Mindfulness has helped a lot, if you’re feeling a bit stressed or find it hard to calm down your day- check out Frantic World.comIt’s a simple form of meditation that can make you feel wonderful inside and out.

With Keep Real, the designs have kicked into overdrive lately, and it’s been such a wonderful experience seeing the collection come together in quite an unexpected way. My style has definitely come through, I am so pleased with the outcome. I have a lot of planning to do, but the designs are grounded and are 80% ready to go! After I’ve posted this, I will be taking down the online store so I can focus on building up a rad as hell site.


Also with kimmykeepfit, I have been planning my runs and exercise to really go for it. It’s been quite hard lately with the weather, as well as my celebrations too! But it’s important to be patient and be kind to myself. Incorporating mountain bike riding will also help. I used to go mountain bike riding quite a lot in my early teens, so my Dad has offered to go with me as he’s so passionate about it himself. I love how my family push me to do whatever I set my mind to!

Anyway, that’s it for now! I hope this post finds you well.

Keep Real xxx

Achieving Your Goals – 3 Steps to Keepin’ It Real!

You have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to, and it’s all within the way you think. It truly is dear reader. As the ol’ saying goes ‘If you have negative thoughts, you will never lead a positive life’. Basically, the only person stopping you from obtaining your goals is yourself. Easier said than done, right? Right. So here’s 3 key things I think will help to gain more confidence- and a starter to achieving your goals!tumblr_n19fdy3b4B1t30pdvo3_500

1) Your walk can change everything.

Weird, I know. But I feel this is a great step to start with- as easy it may be! When I had quite bad anxiety through my college years, I noticed that I held myself in a way that looked…well, shy. I’d walk, but look down at the pavement, my back would be slouched. I honestly thought that was the way I walked, but it all came down to confidence.

Next time you’re walking somewhere, down the street or to your car- think about how you walk. Are your shoulders back? Do you look forward when you walk, or do you look down at your feet? Are you comfortable when you’re walking?
Something as simple at that, is quite a good indicator on how confident you feel about yourself. Walk at the pace you want, relax those shoulders and hold your head high! You’re amazing, so let’s show everyone how amazing you can be!

2) Make a list! 

Something I’ve found helpful in obtaining my goals is to ask the miracle question. Well, what is the miracle question? As a counselling student, I use this sometimes with clients – but it can be really helpful for yourself too. Ask yourself, ‘What is my perfect situation? If I could be anything/ do anything in 5 years time, where would I want to be?’. Asking questions like these, can make you realise what your goals truly are. So go on, make a list and answer your own miracle questions!

3) Small steps = big milestones!

Do not rush into achieving whatever you set your mind to. If they’re little personal goals- then you can do them whenever you want! But if its say, moving house or changing a job..or like me, that you’re wanting to start your own business- then take it easy. ‘Nothing of worth should ever be rushed’. Take your time with it. It’s exciting and perhaps a little daunting to have your goal(s), but once you make little check-lists or first baby steps- it will soon turn into huge milestones. So you’ll be well on your way to what you want to achieve!

Hope these three things are good to you and help you along the way in whichever way, shape or form. Take your time, and be kind to yourself. No one is saying you have to achieve your goals in a certain time. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It’s all in your hands- you’re the leader of your own life! ❤